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Songs for the Grill

by We Litter Oil

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e Girls for Charter Ghost
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e Girls for Charter Ghost WOW! This album is amazing! Me and the wifey play this for the kids every Sunday To our mega-church mass, and we absolutely love it. Especially the family-friendly messages and themes. And the important lessons of not trusting BigPharma and staying away from the darkness of SATAN (AKA the Government and MASKS). Overall, one of our FAVORITES! GOD BLESS THE GRILL!!! Favorite track: 30 (into the Ground).
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I eat the burger I'm eating the burger I ate the burger
Za 03:20
pass me the za! five ninety-nine! carry out deal! large two topping pizza! sharing a pie with some pals! hot and ready! free delivery! double-stuffed crust! special sauce! beautiful day in the month of May. Summer is soon; it's nearly June. I would trade it all away for Fresh Tomatoes! Grown in the basement! Brick oven! Mozzarella! Sharing a pie with some pals!
Uninfectable 02:11
I'm gonna gather one hundred people into a shed because I'd rather die than take a suggestion from the Feds. Trying to convince me to give up cash is going to be hard; there's no way I'm ordering hits on my credit card. They tried to tell me going clubbing could kill me as if I'm a seal. I think I'll go in, shake a few hands, see how I feel. My immune system's so strong it can block a knife. I have never seen a germ in my life.
the doctor is quick to feed you pills but he never eats them first. you will have to pry the vaccine out of my cold dead veins. they drop enough aluminum from the sky to make a hat. Look outside; it's a beautiful day. The showers of April brought flowers of May. It's really hard to complain; I can't remember the last time I saw rain. look at the time. it's 2:15, unless of course you're rich.
I just posted an info-graph made by the feds to every site on the world wide web.
1317 02:57
I'm doing drugs in the booth! you know I'm smoking up glue! I make sure that it's non-toxic. You gotta be careful with glue! Everyone calls me detective because I'm good at finding some clues. I paid 100 for hot dogs. That's why they call me Ben Matlock. I leaked all the government secrets. Got community service for treason. If you are trying to support me you can then buy all my T-shirts. They asked my opinion on "pizza-gate" I said I did not do my research. I can look into the future this song will go platinum, no features. I was just reading the weather online UV index is 7.9 You're using SPF 15? You need to get some new sun screen I'm using SPF a trillion it works when the UV's a million I can count one thousand billions that is the same as a trillion. I have that much money times four. I took half my money to the store. I asked how much are you selling this for? They said that costs 24. I took out my wallet I bought 20 more then I walked straight out of the store. Now I have nine and ten more. That is almost two score.
out to the lake in my lifted truck a lip full of dip and a little bit of luck I'll catch a fish as big as can be I'll put a hundred nails into a tree I'll fill my veins full of lead I'll take the 5G out of my head I just deleted my computer my whole computer is gone
W.H.O.A. 02:31
I just got done converting my trap house into an orphanage. What have you ever done like that? Wow! You can call me Peter Pan I'm so fly I never land I just made a hundred bands All my bills are Benjamins. "adrenaline overdose so I cannot perspire" I don't know what's going on i fell into a ring of fire "it's impossible for me to sweat in the comfort of my best friend's jet" "you know I would be lying if I said I didn't love that island" I know the governor. He says that I can break the law.
Let's go out to the back and run a 30 to the ground you know that I really miss the sound of one fist clapping really loud clapping to the beat of my heart. Oh my gosh someone took all my adrenochrome. It's gone! So don't you try to tell me to keep calm! and carry my cross to Babylon (that's just what I call my game world).


released July 3, 2020


all rights reserved



We Litter Oil Connecticut

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